Friday Favourites

Here are some things that have gotten my attention this week…

A cupcake ATM! Super cool!

Four ways to make your baby laugh.

This looks deliciously cool- mason jar lasagna.

A nice easy kids craft, with lots of possibilities

I love this colorful table runner

I’ve started doing this… Do you meal plan?

What else has been up this week…

I’ve started watching BBC’s Upstairs Downstairs. It’s good, but not Downton Abbey.

I’ve been reading the book Some Girls: My Life in a Harem. I’m not finished, but it’s quite interesting.

And something really exciting, I finally got to see the Whirling Dervishes live! Who thought I’d be out of Turkey when that happened!

Thank you for coming to my blog this week!
Hope to see you all again next week!

Have a great weekend!


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