So I am a booker…. I love to read. I’ve been this way my whole life, it isn’t a problem, but it can be an expensive hobby…

Because I read so many books, I often forget titles, plots, whether it was good or I liked it…

This problem was solved a few years ago, when I got onto Goodreads, a website where I can make notes of what I’ve read, or want to read and whether or not I liked it. I can also see what my friends and family are reading, and what complete strangers think of certain books. There are book clubs and discussion groups…

It really is for book lovers…

For as much as I love reading, I also have a total fascination with authors, what is their process, how did they get started, any tips?

The other day, I opened my email, and there was an invitation to watch a live video chat with Philippa Gregory , one of my absolutely favourite authors!

I had to watch.

Luckily, Seyfi took the girls for a walk, I made myself a cup of coffee and watched her chat.

She talked about her books, writing, and the new tv series that the BBC is making of the first three books of her cousins war series.

It was awesome! When could I have ever seen something like that otherwise.

Well, actually, it happened the day before as well, I was following Goodreads on twitter, and happened to see a tweet about a live video chat with Amor Towles, who wrote the book Rules of Civility

I loved his book, and watching him talk was also very neat.

I really love Goodreads, and although they don’t know that I am writing about them, I hope that you will find me on Goodreads, and see what I am reading…

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