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Weekend Plans

Another rainy weekend here in Mons.  There is a rumor going around that it may snow tomorrow, but I dare not say anything in front of Alara.  She is till angry with Santa Claus for not bring her snow again this year.  

Needless to say, we won’t be doing too much.  I’d like to check out some shops for the last weekend of the winter sales, but a lot of that will depend on what happens with the weather. 

The big plan for the weekend really is that this will be the first weekend that we have Alara’s French tutor in.  We have found a young girl who will come over for two hours every weekend to play and talk with Alara in French.

Alara’s French is coming along really well, and we are really happy with the local school she is at, but we think it would be better for her socially if she had a bit more French so that she could talk to the other students in her class a bit more naturally.  We’ll see how it goes!

Well, better run and at least get the weekend laundry done!
Have a great weekend!

Have a fabulous weekend

I can’t believe that it is Christmas eve!

Since I’ve been having weird contraction pains for the past few days, our weekend/christmas will be quite relaxed. I think it’ll involve last minute grocery shopping today and watching Christmas movies this afternoon. I was planning on making a lasagna for dinner tonight… We’ll see how that goes.

On Christmas day, we have been very lucky to have been invited to friends’ for Christmas dinner. They are a great couple, the wife is Turkish (and due the day before me) and the husband is British. He is preparing the feast, and has told us not to bring anything! I’m very excited.

Also, the Downton Abbey Christmas special will be on tomorrow night! That is the best christmas present of all! Well a bit of snow would be nice as well…

Alara is over the moon with thoughts of Santa Claus coming to the house. For a kid who has asked for next to nothing, she sure does want him to come!

I guess I should get out of bed, and get the weekend started.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend,
And a merry Christmas!