Friday Favourites

This has been such a great week for me. I’m coming up to the weekend not feeling exhausted, or fed up. I feel normal, not like I have a little baby and a three year old, but like I have a family that has been working together for years.

This has been a week of warmer weather, playing in the park after school and lots of chatting with friends, long walks and delicious (healthy) food, a happy baby and a happy three year old, new yoga poses and stress free living. I hope that this feeling continues for a long time.

Here are some great things that I’ve been reading this week:

Making toast in a gluten-gluten free home at Jenn Cuisine

When I was in Turkey I’d make bagels, but never as good looking as these.

Yum, blueberry muffins from Joy the Baker’s new book on

Loving the look of this living room.

Some great ideas for when Ela can eat solid food.

A beautiful (free) desktop calendar to download for March.

What do you think about mixing patterns? Have a look here and weigh in.

I’m totally making these

I’ve been craving ice cream, this didn’t help!

Raising creative kids- here are some suggestions…

That’s it for this week! Hope you have a great weekend!


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