Friday Favourites- Downton Abbey

Isn’t ITV’s period series Downton Abbey all the rage right now? It shows in Britain in the autumn and then in North America in the winter, making its buzz last for so long, and does it deserve it? In short, yes!

There are so many levels that this series hits the mark on…

Each of the characters is developed so well. No one character gets all the attention, whether it is a member of the family, or the staff, each one has a story, a story that is developed and linked to the other characters. The people of this house are all fundamentally joined together, their character development is based on each others.

Who is my favourite character? I don’t know, from ‘upstairs,’ Sybil. She is a modern lady. She has grown into a woman who knows her own mind, and does what she thinks is right. I love the development of the relationship between her and Branson, how many times was I just screaming at the television for them to just kiss each other! I’m so happy with her decision to ‘give it all up’ for the man she loves.

My favourite character downstairs must be Daisy. How that girl has grown! She has become so much smarter and confident throughout the two seasons. I respect how she felt about William’s death, and cried when she realized how much his father and her needed each other, and how they made a family.

The historical events that are used to map out the time line of the plot are so interesting. Starting with the sinking of the Titanic, moving through the war, to the 1918 influenza, each of these historic events touches Downton Abbey, shaping the story of the residents lives.

The costumes are also fabulous, I love a good hat! And boy does this programme have a lot of great hats! I also like the way the clothes change as the years (on the show) pass. Such beautiful examples of the fashion of the time.

The plot of the programme movies along so beautiful, there is never a dull moment, I am forever suggesting to friends that they should watch this series, in fact, I am often giving them all of the episodes to watch, many of them watch them all at once because they can’t stop. I think I’ve watched the two seasons, and the Christmas special at least four times now…

Have you watched Downton Abbey? What did you think?

If you too are a fan of period films, check out this site, it’s no longer being kept up regularly, but it is a great resource.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites- Downton Abbey

  1. Elizabeth February 27, 2012 at 5:49 pm Reply

    I need to see this show! I have heard so many good things about it.

  2. Lori February 27, 2012 at 6:40 pm Reply

    You do! It is my favorite! I watched the Christmas episode again yesterday!

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