Gramdpa’s Project

Since Ela’s arrival, my dad has been staying with us and helping us out. He has been great, it is so sad to think that he is leaving next week 😦

While he has been here, I have asked him to do a few odd jobs around the house, but the big project that I wanted done was a place for Alara to put all her costumes and accessories for dressing up.

Alara loves costumes, today she is Ariel from the little mermaid, yesterday she was a pirate. She likes wearing hats and putting on jewelry. The good thing for her is that she’s got loads of costumes, the bad thing for me was that she had loads of costumes, and no where to put them, (other than a pile on the floor).

When my dad got here, I described what I wanted, and how I needed it to be. It needed to be short enough for Alara to get the costumes and put them away herself, it needed to have hooks, rather than hangers, I didn’t want the box part to have a lid so that fingers didn’t get caught, and I wanted it to look good.

My dad listened to everything I said, looked at the limited amount of tools I actually have, and found a perfect solution, he converted a wooden bookshelf that you can buy at a do it yourself store and made it into the lovely costume station you see here.

Thank you dad for all your help! I’m going to miss you when you go back home!

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