38 weeks….

Well, here I am on the other side of Christmas, still pregnant, but feeling great. My belly is huge, and hard (basically it looks like I ate a basketball).

Life is pretty much as usual here in pregnant Belgium. I am still out and about with Alara and Seyfi, walking daily, doing yoga, cooking, cleaning, visiting friends, even the occasional driving.

I’m sure you are wondering why I am still carrying on, and not just relaxing. There are two main reasons:

1~ I’m trying to help the baby along in the ‘dropping’ department. I read that the more I move around, the more the baby is likely to find the ‘right way out’… When I was at the hospital for my monitoring last week the midwife told me that I was having contractions, but the I was closed up tight, and I would like to change this situation.

2~ With the gestational diabetes, the more I move around, the better, the more I can eat. With the holidays, I have been wanting to eat a lot more treats, so I am trying to find a balance between activity and good food!

Part of me has no idea why I am trying to move the process along, my parents don’t get here until next Sunday. I only sort of have things organized for the first days after the baby comes, if it comes early, and more importantly I still haven’t packed my hospital bag.

Today I am doing the laundry so that I can put some clean things I to a bag to take with me, but to be honest, I’m not really sure what I am going to need for the three to four days that I will be at the hospital. Pjs, toothbrush check- but do I need jeans? What about a pillow? Snacks? I need to get this sorted out.

The baby’s things are packed, so I guess I just need to get a bag packed for myself, something together for Alara if we need to drop her off with friends, and Seyfi will need something, especially if I do get to have my water birth, he will need something for a ‘wet’ situation.

Well, 38 weeks, it isn’t quite the end, but coming close… I’m not going to start panicking yet…

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